Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Carbon Monoxide Uptake

Variables Affecting CO Uptake and Distribution:

  • CO concentration in the breathed gas mixture and its relation to the partial pressures of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen

  • Metabolic rate, ie. ventilation rate

  • Alveolar ventilation

  • Cardiac output

  • Air PCO2, PO2

  • Alveolar-pulmonary gradient for CO

  • Temperature and humidity of the air breathed

  • Density of gas mixture breathed

  • Pulmonary diffusing capacity

  • Speed of reaction of CO with hemoglobin

  • Quantity and flow velocity of blood to the lung capillaries

  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit values

  • Rate of endogenous CO production

  • Metabolic CO consumption

  • Rate of elimination of CO

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