Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Some Special Problems:

  • Insufficient professional vigilance for, and competence in its diagnosis.

  • Recognition of chronic, low-level CO poisoning.

  • Lack of research on the link between low-level chronic CO poisoning and lasting effects.

  • Morbidity and mortality of what is suspected to be large numbers of undiagnosed cases.

  • Mechanisms of toxicity apart from the combination of CO with hemoglobin not well understood.

  • Lack of public awareness of the dangers of accidental CO poisoning.

  • Favoring CO by the public as a means for suicide.

  • Criteria for the treatment of CO-poisoned patients.

  • Questions about the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  • Severity of poisoning difficult to assess.

  • Uncertainty in the prediction of the development of (delayed) sequelae.

    Revised from: Lowe-Pansford and Henry (1989) Adverse Drug React. Acute Poisoning, 8, 217-240.

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