Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Guidelines for Management:

  • Remove patient from the site of CO exposure at once.

  • Immediately administer high-flow, 100% oxygen through a tight-fitting, non-recirculating mask

  • Take as detailed history of circumstances of living / work as is possible.

  • If possible take a blood sample for COHb before O2 is given

  • Consider endotracheal intubation to facilitate ventilation in comatose patients

  • In cases of severe poisoning, or in the presence of altered state of consciousness or neurological signs, treat with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)

  • Keep patient calm to reduce metabolic rate and oxygen consumption and avoid physical exertion by the patient; insulate body and warm, if hypothermic

  • Look for signs of cardiovascular and neuropsychologic dysfunction

  • Manage complications: e.g. electrolyte imbalance, cardiac arrhythmias

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