Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Some Possible Electrocardiographic Abnormalities due to CO Poisoning:

  • Sinus tachycardia, bradycardia

  • Arrhythmias, extra-systoles, atrial fibrillation

  • Low voltage (slowed depolarization)

  • P-wave changes

  • Elevation or depression of ST segment (ischemia, tissue damage)

  • Prolongation of the ventricular complex, particularly the QT interval

  • Conduction defects; increased PR interval, AV block, bundle-branch block (QRS widening as in LBBB)

  • Impaired repolarization; T wave flattening, inversion

  • Atrial, ventricular flutter, fibrillation

  • Ventricular asystole

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