Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Forensic CO Monitoring:

  • Do you need to have CO levels in ambient air professionally monitored in your home, office, vehicle, ....... anywhere - 10 ppm or 500 ppm?

  • Uses include:
    - Peace of mind regarding safe CO levels in residential and commercial settings.
    - Investigation of CO levels for legal cases.
    - Determination of CO concentrations in research studies.
  • Measurments are made with state of the art CO monitoring equipment, zeroed and gas-calibrated on-site for absolute accuracy and reliability.

  • CO concentration data are supplied as raw numbers or in report form - your option.

  • For details of the cost, availability, etc., contact Dr. D. Penney, at 248-547-9375, or via E-mail at

  • Expert advice and opinions regarding the medical effects of CO poisoning are available as previously from the same consultant.

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