Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Plots in Use:

Published relationship of carbon monoxide concentration (ppm) and duration (minutes) of exposure on COHb saturation and physiological effects (UL 1524, October 13, 1989).

Can you tell what is wrong with these plots?
  • The correlation between COHb saturation and physical symptoms is a very poor one, ie. the reliable pegging of stepwise changes in symptoms to COHb saturation is not possible. Like other plots of its type, this one fails to represent real data as it exists in the literature and highly oversimplifies the relationship between COHb and toxicity.
  • The incorrect indication of COHb saturations at various CO concentrations, eg. at the far right, 50% COHb cannot be achieved at (approx.) 320 ppm CO in humans under any circumstances (violation of the Haldane Eq.).

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    Yet Another Inaccurate plot of CO Conc. & Symptoms

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