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Medical-Legal Aspects of CO Toxicology

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Carbon Monoxide - A Simple, Small Molecule:

Physical Properties

Misconceptions about CO - Physical Properties, etc.

Sources of CO - Human & Natural

CO Sources in the Recent Literature

Carbon Monoxide Uptake:

  • CO Uptake (Forbes, Sargent & Roughton, 1945)

    CO Uptake (Coburn, Forster, Kane Eq., 1965)

    Factors that Affect CO Uptake

    Factors that Exacerbate CO's Effects

    Misconceptions about CO Physiology

    Pathophysiology of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

    Effects on Blood and Oxygen Transport: The ODC

    Possible/Probable Pathophysiologic Mechanisms: A List

    Effects on BT, HR, and BP (Hypotension) - Rat

    Effects on Blood Pressure alone - Rat

    Effects on Blood Glucose and Neurologic Index - Rat

    Effects on Blood Glucose and Brain Damage - Human

    Theoretical Schematic to Some Brain Damage Mechanisms

    Exposure Patterns and Injury:

    Acute vs. Chronic Exposure

    Various Scenarios of Chronic Exposure

    Theoretical Approach to Injury

    Sites of Injury

    Is There a Safe Level for CO?

    Legal Limits for CO

    Recent Newspaper Article on Chronic Low-Level CO Exposure

    New Epidemiologic Data

    Diagnosis & Errors:

    Famous Last Words

    Symptoms Associated with CO Poisoning

    Symptom Misconceptions

    A Differential Diagnosis of CO Poisoning

    Why Not Better Recognized by Medical Profession?

    Arterial Blood Gases - Common Errors

    Physician/Medical Misconceptions

    Special Clues to CO Poisoning

    Treatment Options:

    Treatments for CO Poisoning

    Treatment Misconceptions


    Take Home Lessons

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