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Science Expo 96
Royal Oak School District, Royal Oak, MI

The third annual Science Expo took place at Royal Oak Kimball High School, Saturday, March 16th. Over 400 kindergarten through 6th grade children from the 13 Royal Oak elementary schools exhibited their science projects. There were exhibits on volcanoes, the solar system, the water cycle, projects that asked whether grebils can learn, what is the best nail polish or detergent to use, and many others.

Clarence Kimball High School, site of the Science Expo.

The Science Expo was started two years ago through the initiative of Dr. David Penney and Mrs. Pamela Lamb; Penney's children attend Northwood Elementary and Lamb's attend Whittier elementary. Dr. Penney is a professor in the Department of Physiology at WSU Medical School.

Margaret Lee, the Science Coordinator for the Royal Oak School District, was instrumental from the start in coordinating activities with other District teachers and administrators.

A student science fair project.

Dr. David Penney judging a science fair project.

It was Dr. Penney who initiated the involvement of professional scientists in the science fair, as mentors and as judges. Many faculty from Wayne State University and particularly the Medical School, have participated each year. This year Dr. Jones, Lefford, Penney and Woodbury from the Medical School judged.

Dr. Dixon Woodbury judging a science fair project.

Emphasis for the children has been on doing science projects at the earliest age and in getting positive feedback on their efforts. Students in grades kindergarten through third may do projects involving demonstrations, models, etc. Students in grades four through six are encouraged to do projects where a hypothesis is stated and data are collected to confirm or reject the hypothesis, a process used by most working scientists. All students receive a blue ribbon.

Dr. Maurice Lefford judging a science fair project.

Penney and Lamb are thrilled that the Expo has turned into an annual event which is growing in size every year. Kids, parents and other attendees have been over-whelmingly positive in their praise of the concept, and particularly of the great projects and displays prepared by the children.



Some science fair projects.

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