Cardiovascular Physiology:

History of C.V. Physiology (History Module)

Cardiac Muscle (Module 0)

Cardiac Cycle (Module 1)

Electrocardiography (Module 2)

Cardiac Performance (Module 3)

Oxygen Uptake, Exercise & Coronary Circulation (Module 4)

Fetal Circulation (Module 5)

Hemodynamics (Module 6)

Turbulence and Rheology (Module 7)

Architecture of the Circulation (Module 8)

Blood Pressure Physiology (Module 9)
Pulmonary Physiology:

Introduction: Pulmonary Physiology (Module 1p)

Gas Pressures & Volumes (Module 2p)

Respiratory Pressures and Volumes (Module 3p)

Pulmonary Circulation (Module 4p)

Gas Diffusion & Transport (Module 5p)

Oxygen Delivery & Uptake (Module 6p)

Metabolic & Defense Systems of the Lung (Module 7p)

Developmental Cardiovascular Physiology:

Review of Cardiovascular Physiology (Module 20)

Early Development of the Cardiovascular System (Module 21)

Later Development of the Cardiovascular System (Module 22)

Toxopharmacologic Risks and Congenital Defects (Module 23)

Reference / Standard Values

Developmental Appendix


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