Historic Images of Royal Oak, D. Penney, 2000


The Sullivan Building on the East side of Main Street, at Third (ca. 1994). It had a handsome appearance that was in keeping with old Royal Oak. Previously built for the William Sullivan Funeral Home, and later used for many commercial enterprises. At one point it was briefly the home of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. On the left - looking at the building from the north along the sidewalk; on the right - detail in the brickwork.

Ignoring pleas for preservation, it was demolished in the mid-90s. Saving at the least facades of historically important buildings is standard operating procedure in many other cities and towns - why should it not also be so in Royal Oak? It would appear that historic preservation is gaining in Royal Oak with recent very positive action on the Royal Oak Savings Bank building.

Graphic by D. Penney

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