Historic Images of Royal Oak, D. Penney, 2001

Class at the Oakridge School, 1919-1924. Left to right: Mr. Grabo (teacher), first boy (unknown), second boy (*Lee Barnhard Finkbeiner, DOB = 11/17/1906), first girl (Adeline Haupt), second girl (unknown), third boy (Stewart Metherall), third - sixth girls (unknown), seventh girl (Dorothy Dawes, first with gathered neck tie), eighth - tenth girls (unknown), eleventh {last girl} (Audrey Iverson, pianist). Mr. Finkbeiner recalls the Jacob Stumpf farm, with horses and wagons on the south side of 13 Mile Road, but not the Stumpf blacksmith shop. He said the older wooden Williams School was located behind the brick Oakridge School when he attended there. He also recalls a large field of 30+ acres between Main and Rochester Roads, north of Elizabeth Street. He said he and friends built a boat and rode it down a branch of the Red Run from Lincoln to the Fourth Street bridge, which was too low to go under. He said the Oakridge School only went as high as the 10th grade. Notice the faces peering from behind the class members inside the glass doors. Graphic courtesy of *Lee B. Finkbeiner.

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