Historic Images of Royal Oak, D. Penney, 2001

Remains of a Fire on the east side of Main Street, between Third and Fourth Streets, 1912.
"Addressed to George Hilzinger, 111 Delta Street, East Lansing, Mich. 162B. November 25, 1912. George, got your message today - would have answered but thought you would hear as soon as you got a paper. Fire started somewhere on back of bakery, and the wind blew from the north so they kept the fire from Roy's, and Mrs. Lochbuler's, but it cleaned out Goodfellows, Bernards, and Ford's meat shop. They cut in the roof of the Moyer's Barber Shop and a brick wall fell in on top of this roof, which kept the fire from spreading. You can see in the picture how it was caved in. Fire engines from Detroit, Highland Park and Pontiac were here. The Masonic Temple caught afire from sparks and they had a hard time putting it out. That new building on the back is Yipe's new hotel. Everything was taken out of the pool room, feed store and Codlings. In the belief that it would be impossible to save any of the buildings."

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