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CO Removal from the Body

Hyperbaric Oxygen Information Sites:

  • Hyperbaric Services - CO (Frank J. Maselli)

  • HBO Therapy Information Center

  • The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (Kensington MD)

  • Regional Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Medicine (Northeast Indiana)

  • World Center for Anti-Aging Medicine (Winter Park, FL)

  • Division of Hyperbaric Medicine, The Karolinska Hospital (Stockholm, Sweden)

  • St. Joseph Hospital - Problem Wound & Hyperbaric Medicine Center (Bangor, Maine)

  • National Baromedical Services - Hyperbaric Medicine

  • Hyperbaric Medicine Service (Iowa City, Iowa)

  • Richland Memorial Hospital (Columbia, South Carolina)

  • HBO Chambers Information (Tampa, FL)

  • Hyperbaric Chambers by Marine Dynamic Corporation (Wilmington, CA)

  • Engineered Medical Systems, Inc. (San Antonio, TX)

  • Barotech Inc., Manufacturers of HBO Chambers (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Hyperbaric Center of the Florida Keys (Marathon, FL)

  • HBO Therapy (information page)

  • HBO Therapy (Mt. Rogers Clinic, VA & Mt. Rainer Clinic, WA)

  • HBO Therapy for Foot Ulcers (by P. Cianci & M. McCarren)

  • Adjunctive Indication of HBO Therapy (information page)

  • Benefits and Effects of HBO (information page)

  • BARA-MED Multi Placed Chamber (Southampton, PA)

  • HIV Management - HBO (by Wibert Jordan)

  • Proteus - HBO Medicine Overview

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