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Characteristics of Web Pages Providing "Quality", Reliable Medical Information:

  • Attribution: Are the sources of the information (ie. references) shown?

  • Disclosure: Is the commercial interest / bias in presenting information presented?

  • Credibility: Can you determine the connection/affiliation of the source to the academic / medical community? Do the authors have believable academic, professional degrees?

  • Evaluation: Has the page/site been evaluated by other authenticating organizations/websites and is that indicated?

  • Currency: Is a date "last changed" indicated, and is it relatively recent?

  • Sensational: Are the words "miracle", "cure", "very", etc. used often. Are exclamation points "!" often used?

  • Links: Does the page contain many broken or unreliable web links? Do other quality pages have links to the page in question (difficult to determine)?

  • Architecture: Is it easy to navigate from one page to another and do you know where you are going?

  • Contacts: Does the page / site have the E-mail address, ph./FAX number of someone you can contact?

  • Feel: Does the content "sound" / look to be logical / reasonable? Be aware and judge for yourself.

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