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A Syndrome Induced by Chronic *CO Poisoning

Category Symptoms - a few in each category
Somatic/Physical Symptoms headache
nausea, vomiting
muscle pain, joint pain
chronic fatigue
dizziness, vertigo
numbness, tingling, paresthesias
Cognitive / Memory Impairments executive functioning deficits
attention-concentration problems
multi-tasking problems
verbal and/or visual deficits
word-finding problems, word order problems
short-term memory problems
loss of intellectual capacity
slowed cognitive processing
Affective Disorders
(Emotional / Personality effects)
mood changes
anxiety, tearfulness
apathy, lack of motivation, loss of interest
anger, temper
social relationship problems
sleep disturbance
personality change (eg. psychosis, schizophrenia)
See Min, 1986 Study
Sensory & Motor Disorders (Visual, Auditory, etc.) blurry vision, double vision (diplopia)
accommodation problems, etc., etc.
tinnitus (buzzing in ear)
loss of hearing
hypersensitivity to chemicals, etc. (ie. MCS)
slowed fine motor speed, coordination
decreased gross motor strength
speaking, eating, swallowing disorders
Gross Neurological Disorders seizures
aphasia (can't speak)
gait (walking) disturbances, balance problems
See Min, 1986 Study

* It is also frequently seen in acute, higher-level CO poisoning.

..................... A Pentad of symptoms! They may continue for weeks, months, years after termination of CO exposure/poisoning.

- - Why shouldn't we expect a myriad of effects - nearly all are CNS-connected - when damage to the CNS from CO is widespread and usually diffuse! For more symptoms and effects, see Study A and Study B, CO Support Study, and others.

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