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Kliniska observationer vid kronisk gengasforgiftning. (Clinical observations regarding chronic coal-gas poisoning)

Pertti Sumari


Nord. Med. (Duodecim), 30, 943-945

English Summary:
The author describes the method used in Finland in examining coal-gas patients and the observations made in connection with it. The subject material comprises the results of the examination of 135 patients of which 71 are certain, "pure" chronic CO cases. In order to get a reliable and exact diagnosis an ophthalmological and oto-neurological examination must be made and in cases which are in the least unclear a special psychiatric and neurological examination must also be made in addition to a careful anamnesis of the occupation and of the disease and a careful internal and neurological basic examination; the physicians making these special examinations should be experts in their lines. The new ophthalmological method of examination seems to give dependable aid in diagnosing coal-gas poisoning, in the determination of the degree of the poisoning and in judging the convalescence stage. In the material (71), objective neurologic symptoms were found in 60 cases, out of 69 cases ophthalmologically examined, 66 gave positive results and out of 65 cases oto-neurologically examined the reaction of 52 was positive. In some cases the disease seems to progress, although the person in question is being treated and is in surroundings which are free from coal-gas. In the medical treatment methylene blue in small doses is used concerning the effect of which there is no certain information.

Fran Helsingfors Universitets I inremedicinska klinik: avd. for yrkessjukdomar. Chef: Prof. Arvo Vesa - Finland

From: Sumari, P. (1946) Kliniska observationer vid kronisk gengasforgiftning. (Clinical observations regarding chronic coal-gas poisoning), Nord. Med. (Duodecim), 30, 943-945.

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