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Chronic CO Poisoning:

Study B -
A Retrospective Carbon Monoxide Questionnaire Study:

  • Introduction & Demographics:

    A questionnaire study was carried out in which questionnaires were prepared and distributed to CO exposed persons between Feb. - Oct., 1999. People who believed they had been exposed to CO were asked to fill it out, and mail or FAX it to the author.

    By the end of October, 1999, 103 questionnaires had been received. Eighty-two were from people who had suffered chronic CO exposure, and 21 were from people who had suffered acute CO exposure.

    Of the chronic exposure respondents, 58 were women and 24 were men. The mean age of the respondents was 37.4 years (+/-1.5 yrs, S.E.M.), with a range of 7 - 73 years. The mean school grade completed was 13.4 years (+/-0.4 yrs.), with a range of 1 - 21 years.

    Respondents were from 23 of the U.S. states, and from 4 Canadian provinces. The majority of the exposures occurred in the home (houses, apartments, etc.) (59, 72%), while a substantial number took place in various work settings (offices, shops, hospital) ( 20, 24%). One occurred in a school, one in an automobile, and one in a truck.

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