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Chronic CO Poisoning:

Study A -
A Retrospective Mail Survey Study:

The following are data obtained from a survey of mail to this investigator received over a period from late 1997 through early 1999. Included are reports from 66 correspondents who indicated he/she/they had sustained chronic CO exposure (defined as CO exposure lasting more than 24 hrs.). The source(s) of the poisoning and the symptoms were recorded and plotted by the investigators (D. Penney & L. Penney).

Duration of CO exposure as stated by 29 correspondents ranged from 0.18 to 120 month. The mean was 30.76 months +/- 6.00 months (S.E.M.).

Air CO concentration reported in 15 instances was 427.8 ppm +/-115.2 ppm.

Blood carboxyhemoglobin concentration reported in 11 instances was 9.65% +/-2.46 %.

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