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42nd Navy Occupational Health & Preventive MedicineWorkshop

Thursday, 21 Mar. 2002

Industrial Hygiene, Session No. 21005

1 Day(s) ........... Location: *Chesapeake Conference Center - Harrison Room
Time: 0800 - 1640

Objective: Understand the current issues in IH including carbon monoxide, diesel exhaust regulations, chromium exposures, hearing loss aboard ships, common problems in air sampling, measurements of RFR fields, update on DOEHRS policy, bulk asbestos testing and identification, and methodology of exposure assessment sampling.

Time Topic Speaker(s)
0800 - 0850 Chronic Carbon Monoxide poisoning D.G. Penney, Ph.D.
0850 - 0940 Risk Assessment of Diesel Exhaust Cdr. L.R. Burton, MCS, USNR
1000 - 1025 Wetting Agent Fume Suppressant DEM/VAL
to Control Total and Hexavalent Chromium
in Hard Chrome Plating Tanks
Ms. K.M. Paulson, PE.
1025 - 1050 Hearing Health Risk in a Population of
Flight Deck Personnel
Cdr. G. Rovig, MSC, USN
1050 - 1140 Protecting our Fleet Through the Quantitative
Analysis of Exposure Data
Mr. R.S. Hebert, CIH, CSP
Mr. G.D. Silverberg, MS, CIH, CSP
etc. etc. etc.

* Near Norfolk, Virginia

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