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IUTOX VIIIth International Congress of Toxicology

Carbon Monoxide: The Unnoticed Poison of the 21st Century

Faculte de Medecine et de Pharmacie
Universite de Bourgogne
7, Boulevard Jeanne d'Arc
Dijon, France
July 3-4, 1998

Presenters / Presentations (those partially or completely in English):

Atimtay, A.T. et al. - Urban CO exposure and its health effects on traffic policemen in Ankara (in English), pgs. 95-101.
Baek, S.-O. - Carbon monoxide pollution in Korea - Public health implications (in English), pgs. 105-114.
Baud, F.J. - Management of carbon monoxide poisoning, pgs. 259-267.

Bayer, M.J. et al. - Persistent neurological sequelae following chronic exposure to carbon monoxide, pg. 179.
Carratu, M.R., Cuomo, V. - Developmental outcomes to prenatal carbon monoxide exposure in rat offspring, pgs. 187-194.
Castoldi, A.F. et al. - Cellular and molecular mechanisms of carbon monoxide neurotoxicity, pgs. 161-168.

Cross, M.R. et al. - The U.K.'s new CO and smoke inhalation advisory service, pgs. 309-317.
Deschamps, D. et al. - Cognitive functions after carbon monoxide poisoning, pgs. 182-185.
Duenas-Laitat, A. et al. - Sources and facts related to acute carbon monoxide poisoning in Spain, pgs. 79-88.

Elkharrat, D. - [Indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) and ..............................] (abstract in English), pgs. 207-219.
Fierens, A. et al. - External costs due to indoor CO pollution caused by domestic heating in Belgium, pgs. 318-332.
Gandini, C. et al. - Cardiotoxicity of carbon monoxide: Animal models and mechanisms, pgs. 195-202.

Gourlain, H. et al. - [Influence of delay in analysis of carboxyhemoglobin in whole blood] (abstract in English), pgs. 149-157.
Green, E. et al. - Carbon monoxide in the home - exposure and risks to health, pgs. 35-45.
Gubala, W. - The evaluation of the carboxyhemoglobin concentration in post-mortem blood in the practice of the Institute of Forensic Research in 1990-1997, pgs. 141-148.

Jacques, L. - Diagnosis and treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning: A study among emergency physicians in Quebec, pgs. 245-253.
Le Moullec, Y. - [Carbon monoxide originating with automobiles.........] (abstract in English), pgs. 25-33.
Malbosc, R. et al. - [Measuring blood carbon monoxide using cyclo-CO-metry] (abstract in English), pgs. 133-140.

Pankow, D. - Carbon monoxide generation from trihalomethane metabolism, pgs. 123-132.
Phillipe, Q. - Contribution of recent epidemiological studies to assessing health effects of outdoor CO exposure (abstract only), pg. 60.
Prevost, C. et al. - [Epidemiology of carbon monoxide intoxications in Quebec] (in English), pg. 63-71.

Prochop, L.D. - Neuroimaging correlates to carbon monoxide brain damage, pgs. 169-178.
Sanfacon, G. et al. - Campaign to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in the residential setting, pgs. 291-295.
Targowski, L. - CO poisoning in residential buildings in Poland, pgs. 339-346.

Torrance, R.W. - Transport of carbon monoxide in the body by hemoglobin, pgs. 115-122.
Trucchi, P. et al. - Carbon monoxide poisoning in children: Which treatment?, pgs. 255-258.

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