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Case Study #2:

Dr. Penney:

My family and I suffered through carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas heater. We had numerous health problems, always worse in the winter, before discovering the faulty heater in Feb. 97, with a near catastrophy. I had severe body flu symtoms in the mornings. I constantly was checking my temp, but never had a fever. It was usually below normal during the worst times.

Doctors either didn't know why or tried in the dark. One gave me anti-depressants, one said it might be my high collesterol! I've had some sore, stiff neck pain in the past, but it became severe during the period. My small son suffered BAD headaches, and woke up crying with them many mornings. The doctor didn't know why, and guessed alleries. My daughter had body aches and lethargy. My wife would many times sleep until noon. She developed anxiety and panic attacks. She had her thyroid checked and it was normal. We even sought help from chiropractors.

Turns out the furnace was recalled years earlier for the problem. We obviously had lived with it for 3 - 4 years at least, never knowing anything except these health problems were worse when at home and in the winter. I thought it must be allergies in my case. When CO was discovered, the headaches, flu symtoms, etc. were explained.

Now the problem is my neck pain is constant. My short term memory and concentration is a problem. The memory problem is about to drive me crazy. I write myself notes and forget the notes. I'm not just talking age either ( 43 ). I have bad moods like never before, and realize I have been much more pleasant around my family in the past.

My wife's panic attacks, mostly at night, are serious. Her most frequent episodes result in her leaping from the bed in the middle of the night and running to the hall air return to listen to the heater, absolutely horrified, thinking something is wrong. She has now been rechecked and has thyroid problems. She is on strong anti-depressants, and has been to a psychologist. She many days has trouble functioning.

My son, now 8, has been diagnosed with ADD-HA and is on Retalin. My daughter has bad concentration problems, does poorly on tests, and has attention problems. Searching for answers, I decided to check out carbon monoxide on the internet. As you can imagine, I was shocked after reading your site. I ran to my wife with prints of the info!

No Doctors around know anything about chronic CO poisoning. If I bring it up, they think only of acute poisoning, and apparently don't know about chronic poisoning. I talked to my insurance healthcare advisor. She was lost, didn't know any doctor she could send me to, and encouraged me to contact you. I hope this has not been too time consuming. I need help and would love the opportunity to talk to you. May I call? If so, when are good times for you.

Thank you for anything you can do.

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