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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
The Cause and Effect of Long Term Exposure

The Royal College of Physicians
11 St. Andrews Place, Regents Park
London, England
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday, October 5, 1998


Ms. Debbie Davis, CO Support - Introduction
two CO victims - Case Studies
Ms. Sue Jaffer - CO Research, CO Support

Dr. Alastair Hay, Leeds University - UK Research into Health Effects
Dr. David Penney, Wayne State University - US Research into Health Effects
Dr. John Henry, St. Mary's Hospital - Diagnosis & Treatment

David Ross, Ph.D., Building Research Establishment, UK - CO Sources
Professor Nick Morris, City University, London - Whose Responsibility?

Ms. Giselle Bakkenist, Solicitor - Liability & Litigation
Ms. Jenny Kirkpatrick, VIGIL, UK - Moving Gas Safety Forward
Dr. Alastair Hay, Leeds University - Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks

Key Issues Discussed:

- What is the evidence of longterm CO effects?
- What research is being undertaken?
- How widespread is the failure of diagnosis?
- Why is diagnosis so difficult?
- How widespread is the problem of domestic exposure?
- Whose responsibility are the current failures?
- Why is it of concern to gas suppliers?
- What is the role of suppliers, shippers, fitters, regulators and government?

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  • Conference sponsored by Kidde Safety (UK)

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