Your Direct Route to Unlimited Information on a Major Deadly Poison
and Related Gaseous Poisons
by David Penney, Ph.D., Professor
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Highlighted Topics:

  • What is Carbon Monoxide?
  • Frequently Asked Questions - & Answers
  • Misconceptions regarding CO
  • Where does CO come from?
  • What are the legal limits?

  • How quickly is it taken up by the body?
  • A,B,C's of Carboxyhemoglobin in CO Poisoning
  • The CO Poisoning Syndrome
  • Dangers of CO Poisoning
  • CO Poisoning & High Risk Groups

  • Chronic CO Poisoning
  • Major Sites of Nervous System Damage by CO
  • Key to Understanding CO Caused Health Damage
  • Other Nasty Gases

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