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CO Support: Survey Study of Chronic CO Poisoning

"CO Support" was organized by a number of people in the United Kingdom who suffered from chronic CO poisoning. The study whose results are briefly summarized here was published and distributed privately. Ms. Debbie Davis, of CO Support, made me aware of the study. Others who worked on the report were Sue Jaffer (London) and Professor Alistair Hay (Leeds).

The study includes data from 77 CO victims. In 65 victims, referred to in their report as "chronic cases", no unconsciousness occurred. Twelve other victims were rendered unconscious by the poisoning and are referred to as "unconscious cases".

I believe CO Support has done us all a great service in systematically surveying their group, analyzing their data, and making it widely available to the world. For this reason, many of the figures and tables, as well as some of the text, has been lifted directly from their fine report. I thank "CO Support" for being permitted to do so.


  • Raise awareness of the symptoms of chronic exposure to CO.

  • Identify the health consequences of such long-term exposure.

  • Identify those who may be at risk.

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