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CO Support: Survey Study of Chronic CO Poisoning

Failure of Medical Diagnosis - Treatment:

  • Nearly 60% of the chronic group and 75% of the unconscious group were given no diagnosis for their symptoms.

  • The most common misdiagnosis was flu or "virus".

  • 8% of the chronic group were diagnosed with depression.

  • Almost 10% of the unconscious group were told they had a psychological problem or were suffering from a psychosomatic illness.

  • A carboxyhemoglobin assay of the blood was done on less than 15% of the chronic group, and only 50% of the unconscious group. Even when the test was given, it was usually delayed for hours or days, making the results unusable.

  • Only 18% of the unconscious victims, and 2% of the chronic victims were offered hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment.

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