Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

CO Support: Survey Study of Chronic CO Poisoning

Index to Study:

Objectives of Study

Demographics (Table 1)

Sites of CO Poisoning (Figure 1)

Ways in which CO Poisonings were Discovered (Figure 2)

Five Major Symptoms during CO Exposure (Figure 3)

Symptoms during and after CO Poisonings (Table 2)

Pain types during and after CO Exposure (Figure 5)

Depression as a symptoms during and after CO Exposure (Figure 6)

More on CO Symptoms

Failure of Medical Diagnosis - Treatment

Summary of Study Findings

Insideous Cycle of Misdiagnosis, Misunderstanding (Figure 7)


From: CO Support (1997) The Effects of Chronic Exposure to CO: A Research Study Conducted by CO Support - Carbon Monoxide: Invisible Destroyer of Health and Life, Technical Paper, 47 pgs., October, 1997.

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