CO Dangers, Dr. D. Penney

CO Dangers

The "CO Experts" CO Alarm:

I have received this information from Mr. George E. Kerr regarding a new CO Alarm he will be marketing soon. It is claimed to have many advantages over present consumer models.

  • Carbon monoxide concentration is displayed from 5 ppm (1 ppm recall)

  • It provides an audible & visual warning at 10 ppm

  • A more intense warning is given at 25 ppm

  • Full alarm occurs at 50 ppm

  • An "instant" high warning is provided at 70 ppm

  • It updates readings every 10 seconds

  • Many "recall" modes are available (how high the CO was, when, for how long, and what blood COHb would have been).

  • It runs on a single 9 volt battery

  • He refers to it as a "professional grade" of CO monitor

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