CO Dangers, Dr. D. Penney

CO Dangers

Characteristics of the Ideal CO Alarm:

  • Reasonable in price

  • Ease of use, installation & replacement

  • Self-calibrating and self-zeroing

  • Provides protection from acute, lethal CO exposure

  • Provides protection from chronic, low level CO exposure (most today do not)

  • Easy to understand operating manual (many today are not)

  • Long working life

  • Minimal interference by other pollutants, commonly used chemicals, etc.

  • Memory capability for past events (some have today)

  • Digital readout of CO concentrations (many do not have today)

  • Accurate measurement of CO

  • Small size and lightness of weight, allowing portability

  • Clear instructions and warning tags on the unit itself

  • Low incidence of false positives

  • Low incidence of false negatives

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