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CO Dangers

How to Get ACTION if You Have a Carbon Monoxide Problem:

I recently got the following letter and question from a COHQ viewer:

Dear Dr. Penney,

My name is Jane Doe and I work for a major energy company in the southeast. We deal with many inside air quality issues and get many calls from people with inside air quality problems. I recently got a call from a man who has determined that he has carbon monoxide in his apartment. He's been feeling sick and has had problems with CO before. For some reason, his landlord refuses to take care of the problem. My question is, is there some procedure the tenant can use to force his landlord to fix the problem? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Jane Doe
Southeast Energy Company

I suggested several possible approaches that might be used to solve the problem:

  • Obtain one or more CO Alarms and record ambient CO levels

  • Call heating/cooling contractors and have them make measurements to determine the CO source

  • Call the Fire Department and have them make measurements to determine the CO source

  • Call the public health authority and have them inspect the apartment. If they find CO levels over 9 ppm, they should declare the premises uninhabitable and seal it off.

  • Call the local TV station and ask if they want to do a news story about it.

  • Withhold rent and put it in escrow until the problem is corrected.

  • Hire an attorney and sue the landlord. Get an injunction to have the problem corrected.

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