CO Dangers, Dr. D. Penney

CO Dangers


  • When did the symptoms or complaints begin? Are they new or have they existed for a long time?

  • Does the symptom or complaint exist all of the time or does it come and go?

  • Is the symptom associated with a particular location or time of day?

  • Is the symptom seasonal in nature?

  • Does the complaint lessen, ie. your health improve after you leave a specific place?

  • Are the symptoms associated with a change of workplace or living locations?

  • Does anyone else in your house or building have similar symptoms or complaints?

  • Have pets become sick, died in the house or living space?

  • Is the symptom associated with the use of any heating or cooking equipment?

  • Do you have an attached garage? Do you warm up your car in it?

  • Are you a smoker or are you around smokers during times of your discomfort?

  • Is charcoal being burned indoors in a grill, fireplace or other cooking device?

  • Is there an odor present when heating, cooking or other combustion appliance is in use?

  • What types of combustion equipment are in use?

  • When was the last time the combustion equipment were serviced?

  • Does any of the combustion equipment seem to be dirty or in disrepair?

  • Has a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounded in the house / building recently?

    Note: modified from the Bacharach, Institute of Technical Training manual, 1999

    See for additional infomation on Clues to Discovery and Diagnosis of CO Poisoning

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