CO Dangers, Dr. D. Penney

Carbon Monoxide Dangers:

Avoid the following Dangerous Situations:

  • Running any gasoline-powered engine (eg. automobile) in a closed garage, or in an attached garage near a living space.

  • Using a gas range or oven for home heating.

  • Burning charcoal or operating a propane grill in your home.

  • Having blocked or corroded exhaust flues and vents from furnaces and water heaters.

  • Conditions producing "down-drafting" or "back-drafting" of furnaces or other vented heaters.

  • Opening the rear window of van, camper or recreational vehicle (RV) while driving. This produces the deadly "station wagon effect").

    Do the Following:

  • Have your furnace inspected annually.

  • Maintain positive air pressure in automotive, RV and marine interiors by keeping front venting or hatches open to allow outside air to enter.

  • Have one or more functioning CO detectors always on alert.

  • Maintain a high degree of suspicion of CO poisoning in prolonged headache, fatigue, etc.

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