Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Monitors

There are many dangers from CO, and many things you can do to eliminate those dangers.

CO Alarms:

  • What they Can / Cannot Do

  • Where to PUT / NOT PUT Your Alarm

  • Characteristics of the ideal CO alarm

  • UL/CPSC Standards

  • A Few Examples

  • The "CO Experts" Alarm

  • Some Requirements

  • Other Protection Devices

    CO Monitors:

  • Clues to Discovery of CO

  • Getting ACTION when CO is Discovered

  • Responding to a CO Alarm

  • Measuring Blood COHb

  • Professionally monitoring (ie. measuring) air CO

    Safety Advice:

  • To Employers / Employees

  • Lift Truck Dangers

  • Water Craft Dangers - Boats, houseboats, etc.

  • Hotels and Motels

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