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I Prefer to call them ALARMS!

Where to PUT / NOT PUT Your CO Alarm

  • PUT - near a bedroom, or other room (livingroom, main hallway) where people spend most of their time.

  • PUT - where its alarm can be heard.

  • PUT - where the alarm can be easily seen.

  • READ the instructions that come with your Alarm. If you have questions, consult COHQ

  • DO NOT PUT - in garage, furnace room, near cooking stove, etc.

  • DO NOT PUT - in dead air space, corner of room, near floor, in peak of vaulted ceiling. CO does not fall or rise in the air column.

  • DO NOT PUT - near open windows or doors.

  • DO NOT PUT - in excessively hot or cold areas, or excessively damp or dry areas.

  • DO NOT PUT - a cloth or plastic cover over the detector.

    ...... last changed 04/17/01


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