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I Prefer to call them ALARMS

What they Can / Cannot Do

  • CAN - detect unacceptable levels of CO in the air (some units do not detect low levels of CO that may be significant in chronic CO poisoning).

  • CAN - provide early warning, before a healthy adult might show symptoms of acute high-level CO poisoning.

  • CAN - act as round-the-clock monitor of CO in a living space.

  • CAN - only sense CO that reaches it - Where you place an Alarm is important

  • CAN - are subject to breakdown like any other electronic device

  • CANNOT - work without electrical power (batteries, AC)

  • CANNOT - sense smoke, natural gas, propane, etc. (It is not a smoke detector, although some units now combine both functions)

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    Placement of Your CO Alarm

    Some CO Alarms

    What about Canaries?

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