Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Book Review

From: Veterinary and Human Toxicology , 42 (5), October, 2000 (the journal)


"This careful multi-author review of carbon monoxide covers 23 topics that are varied in nature - physical, physiological, mechanistic, clinical, therapeutic, regulatory and relating to quality of life. Each chapter constitutes a focused mini-review. These are of consistently high quality and easily understood. The chapters contain recent and numerous references, were adequately documented, and if speculative in nature were so identified. Carbon monoxide was a subject, which everyone can learn more about. The relationship of carbon monoxide and fires describes smoldering fires and the carbon monoxide released. This is carefully and simply explained, adding new insight to levels of exposure and doses. Concern for low level exposures to carbon monoxide allow those used to dealing with acute toxicity to see that at low level symptoms are important to people with incipient coronary heart disease. Headaches from these low exposures also interfere with quality of life. The signs from low level carbon monoxide exposure are ranked in frequency of occurrence. Various individuals will learn useful information from reading the book. It is written simply enough for beginners and students in toxicology. The information is heavily and currently referenced, providing learning opportunities for a toxicologist moving into the area of toxic gases, fires, combustion toxicology or pulmonary toxicology. This book also provides information of vital interest to pulmonary clinicians. Finally, this book provides a thorough careful review for those toxicologists specializing in pulmonary or combustion toxicology. This book may be recommended highly to those who have an interest in the area. Edited by DG Penney, CRC Press, 2000 NW Corporate Bivd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, 560 pp, $99.95."

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